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Hatred Robert Moe December 14, 2019 Seattle, WA
The Citizen of the World Tomorrow Stephen K. Kusi September 17, 2016 Atlanta, GA
Unity Tim Martens September 24, 2016 Northwest Arkansas
Remember Who You Are Nicholas Bizic November 5, 2016 Cincinnati East, OH
Faithfulness Rodney Hall April 14, 2018 Seattle, WA
God's Rainbow Charles J. Williams January 19, 2019 Seattle, WA
Know Your Bible Ernest Grier January 2, 2021 Charlotte, NC; Columbia, SC; Hickory, NC
The Joy in Hope Anthony Pacelli April 17, 2021 Indianapolis, IN
Jesus on Sleep Greg Sanny September 27, 2014 Northwest Arkansas
The Memorial of Unleavened Bread Howard Marchbanks April 15, 2014 Redlands, CA
The Thief on the Cross Ray Clore April 16, 2016 Cincinnati East, OH
Sign of Backsliding Bryant Lambert April 1, 2013 Elmira, NY
You Are a Soul Brian Damour December 16, 2017 Dallas, TX
When I Am Weak: Then I Am Strong David Marcum September 19, 2018 Orange County, CA
From Broken to Glorified Roy Jackson October 17, 2020 Northwest Arkansas
Compliments of Praise Glenn Radebaugh March 13, 2021 Central Illinois
It's All About the Finish Steve Oliver July 24, 2021 Clearwater Valley, ID; Kennewick, WA; Kettle Falls, WA; Spokane, WA
The Blame in the Proper Place Roger Burns September 14, 2013 Milwaukee, WI
God Our Father Is After Good Kids Jason Nitzberg June 17, 2017 Cincinnati East, OH
About the Fear of God Bill Schultz October 17, 2016 Oconomowoc, Wisconsin 2016