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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Minor Prophets Bible Study, Hosea Gary Smith January 25, 2023 Houston, TX
Epistles of Paul 17: Gnosticism and Galatians 1:1-4 Jorge de Campos January 25, 2023 Dallas, TX; Fort Worth, TX; Lawton, OK
All in All Lonnie Johnson January 23, 2023 Springfield, MO
The World Before Adam and Eve: A Biblical Explanation Craig Scott January 21, 2023 Jacksonville, NC
Which Old Covenenat Laws Should We Observe Today? Greg Thomas January 21, 2023 Cleveland, OH
Wonderfully Made Dale Yates January 21, 2023 Tampa, FL
Proof of God and the Bible Part 1 Rick Beam January 21, 2023 Rome, GA
The Teachings of Jesus Christ Lynn Leiby January 21, 2023 Lawton, OK
Building Bonds That Count Lupe Gonzalez January 21, 2023 Lawton, OK
Is Tithing Still Applicable? Jon Davies January 21, 2023 Buford, GA
Promises to Abraham Kirk Talbott January 21, 2023 Atlanta, GA
God's Solution to the Apathy Crisis Philip Aust January 21, 2023 Atlanta, GA; Buford, GA
In a Multitude of Counselors Mike Cook January 21, 2023 Lexington, KY
Beyond the Tower of Babel: the Fourth Industrial Revolution Donald Ward January 21, 2023 East Texas
What Do You Allow to Drive Your Life? Kelly Gard January 21, 2023 Houston, TX
Handling Unfairness in Life Richard Kennebeck January 21, 2023 Orlando, FL
If I Were the Devil W. Fred Crow January 21, 2023 San Jose, CA
Is God Adequate or Sufficient for Your Life? Frank Fish January 21, 2023 Bakersfield, CA; Los Angeles, CA
Promises Justin Massie January 21, 2023 Lehigh Valley, PA
The Story of Joseph Lee Massie January 21, 2023 Northern Virginia