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I recently read a scripture in the New Testament where Christ stated that whoever believed in His name would be saved. Most Christian religions today teach that all it takes to receive salvation is to believe that Christ lived and walked on this earth. Yet this is confusing because I've been taught that you are not only supposed to believe in Christ but also to obey the Commandments. What does...
  • by Carolyn Trombi
Have you ever found yourself in a tragic situation and asked God, “Why is this happening to me?”
  • by United Church of God
Many people think of "faith" as either a feeling or a collection of ideas that represent one's convictions. Although both of these concepts involve elements of faith, the full definition is much broader.
  • by John Ross Schroeder
A review of journalist Peter Hitchens' book, The Abolition of Britain, published by Quartet Books, London, 1999, 351 pages.
  • by Scott Ashley
Both God and the Bible have long been under attack. What are some of the motives of critics? And, far more important, what does the evidence dug from the dust of the Middle East reveal?
  • by Stephen Clark
How serious are you about your beliefs? Are they really convictions or simply preferences? Do you truly own your beliefs or are you simply going along with others?