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  • by Scott Ashley
Our hope is that all nations might experience some kind of positive turning point and not experience the continuing, escalating problems we have brought on ourselves due to turning from God.
  • by Steve Myers
God wants you to change and start living His way. He reveals three essential steps to help you start and continue in this new life, steps requiring deep consideration and purposeful action today.
  • by Scott Ashley
Are you telling yourself that everything is okay in your relationship with God and that you’re all He expects you to be? Or maybe you need to realize it’s time for a change!
  • by Mitchell Moss
Letting go is not simply a matter of passively disengaging from life, focusing solely on quitting sin. It is a matter of yielding to the will of God, letting go of our natural human mindset, and powerfully wielding the Holy Spirit in service of the good news of God’s Kingdom. 
  • by United News
Having grown up in the Church I knew right from wrong. I knew what God expected out of me, but much like the prodigal son, I chose to leave and go out into the world to discover for myself what life was all about.
  • by Darris McNeely

The book of Jonah helps us to understand how God’s grace can extend to all...

  • by Victor Kubik
We brace ourselves for the coming weeks, months and years as the results of the most divisive presidential election in living memory will come to bear on all the issues facing the country and the world. What can we do to face those challenges?
  • by Debbie Carper
Those who choose to obey God have the chance to have access to the same power, His Holy Spirit, that enabled Jesus Christ to do all of His astounding and renowned miracles.
  • by Kelly Thurley
The movement of life can be overwhelming, but should we function automatically or with purpose?
  • by Gary Petty
Some believe a call for nationwide prayer and fasting, as recently issued by Texas Governor Rick Perry, would ignite religious revival and save America from impending doom. Would religious renewal help solve national problems? Just what kind of revival is needed?
  • by John Ross Schroeder
A review of journalist Peter Hitchens' book, The Abolition of Britain, published by Quartet Books, London, 1999, 351 pages.
  • by United Church of God
Do we allow ourselves to learn from mistakes we've made?
  • by
Labels can tell us a lot, and we often stand by a label. But what happens when we label people?
  • by United Church of God
God requires us to discover and change our unhealthy habits.
  • by
No one's perfect. We all sin. But what happens when deep down we want to change and work hard to do better? God is quick to forgive and to help.