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  • by Mario Seiglie
Should we celebrate that the world's population now tops six billion-or should we be alarmed? The population explosion portends problems that may crescendo into the end of this present age!
  • by Debbie Pennington
The lesson I learned was that it is my personal responsibility as a Christian to care for this planet.
  • by Mike Bennett
Will science create a gleaming utopia of peace and happiness for all? Or does a nightmarish world await us? Futurists offer a variety of conflicting visions. But is there a way to foresee what it will really be like in the world beyond today?
  • by Good News
The last five years have been marked by headlines such as "World Fishing Fleets Face Ruin as Catches Disappear," "Too Many Fisherman, Too Few Fish," "Fishing Crises in World's Oceans" and "The Madness That Threatens Our Oceans."
  • by John Ross Schroeder, Scott Ashley
In spite of some notable successes here and there in the world, the public often has the uneasy, even unspoken, feeling that we are gradually losing ground in the war against pollution and environmental damage to our precious planet.