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Is God Calling You?

God's calling is His invitation to have a relationship with Him. God must first call, or invite, us to enter into that relationship. He does this by opening our minds to a basic understanding of the Scriptures and our need to repent. Are most people called today? The majority of people who are called do not respond to their invitation. Have you been called? If so, how should you respond to God's calling? What does God expects from us and offers us through a relationship with Him. The articles below will address these questions and offer help in your personal relationship with God - the process of conversion.

  • by United Church of God
Is it obvious or is it a subtle, internal process? One of the signs that God may be calling you is that you are beginning, however gradually, to truly understand the Scriptures with a depth and dimension that you never experienced before.
  • by Don Hooser
The year 2011—the 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible—is a perfect time to celebrate the "book of books" and its numerous translations. Let's reflect on the many miracles, over a span of several thousand years, that had to happen to make the entire Word of God available and affordable in many languages!
  • by Amber Henke
One day while working at the YMWA Center for Special Education, a field trip had been planned for the vocational section, where my husband Darren works. It sounded like a great opportunity to spend time with the students outside of school and to see more of Jordan, so I went to the head of the section where I work to ask if I could go too.
  • by Peter Eddington
Here's something to boggle your mind! The Associated Press reported on Dec. 1 that scientists believe they have miscalculated the number of stars in the universe by a factor of three
  • by Eric Johnson
I'm sure many of us have experienced life hazards or have escaped bodily harm in one form or another. After 40 years I still remember two instances that happened to me while growing up. Both of these events happened by the time I was 11 years old and both seem instrumental in how God called my father and me into His Church.
  • by United Church of God
How do we respond to God’s instructions?
  • by Peter Eddington
In today's world many claim to have been converted, but the evidence for mature, Christian lives is slim in society around us.
  • by Paul Suckling
During a three-week pastoral trip to England and Scotland, UCG-British Isles senior pastor Paul Suckling experienced a jarring event that kept him awake asking, "How am I doing as a Christian?"
  • by United News
Part 2 of this doctrinal study paper, originally published in November 1998, continues the in-depth look into whether God calls children of members of God’s Church and how the answer to that question affects the expectations and approach parents take when teaching their children the ways of God.
  • by
Labels are difficult to remove, but they cause far more trouble than just sticking around.
  • by John Wennstrom
A young adult who lives in Norway recounts his story of being called into God's Church.
  • by United News
This doctrinal study paper, originally published in November 1998, provides an in-depth look into the topic of whether the children of members of God's Church are called and how the answer to that question affects the expectations and approach parents take when teaching their children the ways of God.