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  • by Beyond Today Editor
Early last year the term “fake news” wasn’t a part of our vocabulary. Sure, there were satirical news and websites that had obvious fake news, but it was for fun and entertainment. Then this new idea of fake news spread across Facebook and other social networks. A good portion of this fake news was shared as legitimate. Some say that this helped Donald Trump win the presidential election in the...
  • by Darris McNeely

The recent increase in cyber-attacks brings to mind Biblical principles...

  • by Kathy Sanny
Being wary of what we say extends to our digital lives.
  • by Katherine Rowland
In today’s world of instant communication so many seem bent on provoking others with emotionally charged language, but the Bible shows a better way.
  • by Larry Hardison
As Christians, how should we be conducting ourselves in this fast moving e-mail and information age?
  • by Amanda Stiver
Facebook we know, but what about,, Fetch, Digg, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and on and on the list goes? The question: What is essential social networking, and what is too much?
  • by Sabrina Clore
Media intern Sabrina Clore sat down with four of the behind-the-scenes Beyond Today staff to discuss their role in preaching the gospel.
  • by Amanda Stiver
Now, 18 years after the Internet was born for public use, some experts claim that part of it, the World Wide Web, is dying (well, maybe not growing as fast).
  • by Gary Petty
Magazines, TV and the Internet are obsessed with celebrities and celebrity culture. How does society's fascination with celebrity culture affect you and your children? How can you counter its negative influence?
  • by Becky Sweat
When half of all marriages break up in some countries, it's obvious that many couples are in trouble. Sadly, the stress seems to be only increasing from many directions. What are the pressures many husbands and wives face today, and what can they do to manage them to be sure their marriages survive?