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  • by John LaBissoniere
The United States and its global allies face dangerous adversaries armed with nuclear weapons or who will likely possess them soon. How significant are these threats, and how do they play into Bible prophecies about what will occur at the “time of the end”? And what should you do to prepare?
  • by Tom Robinson
In the wake of the Iran nuclear deal, the question looms about what Iran might do once it acquires nuclear weapons. Some are sounding the alarm about a dangerous scenario that could fatally wound a nation in an instant.
  • by Michael Kelley
Two significant powers, Russia and Iran, are throwing their weight around and taking over nearby territory. But rather than stand up to them, Western powers—especially the United States—meekly acquiesce. The parallels with the pre–World War II appeasement of Adolf Hitler are striking.
  • by Rudy Rangel III, Tom Robinson
The deadline for an agreement on capping Iran's nuclear program in exchange for Western powers easing economic sanctions was pushed to the end of June 2015 when negotiations failed to achieve a deal this past November.