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new testament

  • by United Church of God
It is common to hear people speak of the apostle Paul as being the primary contributor of New Testament writings. However, when measured by the total number of words written, rather than the number of books written, the results might surprise you
  • by Peter Eddington
The story of Jesus Christ and His early followers is found in the New Testament. But has this source been faithfully passed on to us? And can we believe what is written? What does the evidence tell us?
  • by Tom Robinson
Christianity Today reported in 2012 about findings announced by Dallas Theological Seminary professor Daniel Wallace regarding a very intriguing manuscript.The article was titled “Earliest Manuscript of Gospel of Mark Reportedly Found” (Stoyan Zaimov, Feb. 20). This manuscript of the Gospel of Mark would have been copied in the first century A.D.—when some of Jesus’ early followers were still...
  • by United Church of God
Does it matter whether we obey the Commandments? Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could ask Jesus Christ if keeping the Commandments is still necessary, especially to receive eternal life?
  • by Roger Foster
Did Jesus and the apostle Paul agree on how Christians should regard the Old Testament? Or, as is commonly believed, did Paul radically change the religion that Jesus Christ established?