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Same-Sex Marriage

Following the scriptural example, the United Church of God graciously welcomes into our fellowship all people who repent of their sins—any sins. But we neither practice nor recognize same-sex “unions” or marriages.

  • by John LaBissoniere
Forces are at war in the world attacking marriage—which in turn threatens the survival of the family. You need to know what the battlefields are in this warfare and what God would have you to do about it!
  • by United Church of God
Homosexuality is an explosively controversial subject in our present society, but it is not a new issue for the Church of God. It confronted the early New Testament Church.
  • by Charles Melear
The startling shift in American attitudes toward gays and same-sex marriage is not the result of chance or random events. More than a quarter century ago, gay strategists laid out a plan to transform the nation—with astounding success.
  • by Scott Ashley
America's leaders are making history—but not in a good way. Rejecting biblical values that long strengthened the nation, some are now pursuing a treacherous path earlier leaders warned of long ago.
  • by David Treybig
Traditional marriages—those between one man and one woman—are facing increasing pressures from many directions. Does marriage really matter? Just how important is it? What does the Bible say?
  • by Larry Walker
Many fail to realize the dangerous path that same-sex marriage is leading us down. Far more is involved than the opportunity for two members of the same sex to marry.
  • by Darris McNeely
While the war on terror continues worldwide, another war—one of colliding cultures—heats up in the courts of America. Where will this lead the country? Is this war a greater threat than terrorists?