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  • by Darris McNeely
Recent warnings of terrorist activity in Europe don't reveal the whole story of what is happening behind the scenes. Both security officials and terrorists know more than headlines reveal. Bible prophecy tells the rest of the story.
  • by Bruce Gore
Our experience has shown us the advantages of planning extra time for our Feast trip and traveling with others when possible.
  • by Linda Bowyer.
Ever think God’s way of life was cramping your style? Keeping you from doing all those fun things in life? Or maybe limiting your success? Think again. I interviewed two former exchange students, both of whom are striving to live God’s way, and found quite the opposite to be true. Following God’s way actually contributed to the success of their trips.
  • by Bruce Gore
Whether our Feast destination is a hundred miles away or 10,000, each of us represents God and a part of His end-time work to those we come in contact with.
  • by W. Fred Crow
Kids make mistakes—that's a simple fact. But that doesn't remove them from the list of the most valued resources on the planet!
  • by Robert Dick
All of us watch prophecy. We wonder about the times in which we live. Is the end of the age soon, we ask?