Building Relationships

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Building Relationships

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How did Nehemiah accomplish the Herculean task of rebuilding Jerusalem when other governors had failed? As a leader, he knew how to encourage and instill confidence in others to get the job done. The biblical account shows how Nehemiah inspired his helpers.

First, he identified himself with the people and included himself in the task. He did not just order them to build the wall under his arbitrary authority. He became one of them. He used the word we repeatedly instead of you. He let them know he was not there to take advantage of the people.

Once he had gained their trust and confidence, he revealed his ambitious plan and let them know that the building materials were already at hand. The people were favorably impressed.

Next, Nehemiah told the people of the miracles God had performed thus far in this work. Now the people knew they had a leader filled with living faith. As a result, the people were filled with faith and enthusiasm.

He then divided the work into small sections. He wisely delegated a part of the project to each clan, or family. In this way, a job that appeared impossible was now broken down into manageable sections. He carefully reviewed the available manpower and handed the most experienced and qualified laborers the most difficult tasks. Instead of a boring and tiring job, the work now became an exciting challenge.

As a result of his dynamic leadership, the rebuilding of Jerusalem's walls was completed in less than two months, and the city was again protected from its enemies.GN