Current Events & Trends: Australia concerned about land purchases

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Australia concerned about land purchases

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The Wall Street Journal reports that "Chinese investors spent almost 6 billion Australian dollars (US$5.4 billion) on real estate during the 12-month period ending in June 2013" (Jason Chow, "Australia Is Worried Too Many Chinese Are Buying Homes There," March 18, 2014).

Australia's main concern is that these investment purchases, which often leave the properties sitting unused and empty, are pushing the Australian middle class out of the buying market. Whether or not foreign real estate investments are the real root of the problem, it's clear that Australia, along with the United States, is feeling the pressure of foreign economic influence.

Thousands of years ago God made a promise to a man He called His friend—Abraham—and nations that would descend from him. Those promises included prosperity and assured national sovereignty (Genesis 17:1-8). To Abraham's descendants God expanded and explained the covenant relationship.

God declared that He expected a standard of conduct and self-governance—and the promises were conditional based on these standards (see Deuteronomy 28). Among the penalties for not respecting the standards of God is the warning that outside nations would enjoy the fruits of the work of a people who have forgotten their God.

Australia and its fellow English-speaking nations certainly fit the bill of peoples who have forgotten their God and are feeling the squeeze of outside influence.

Time will tell if it's too late for these nations to wholesale return to God, but it's certainly not too late for you to turn to God and experience the joys of a deep relationship with Him and His Son Jesus Christ. Don't follow the lead of the nations—live faithfully starting today! (Source: The Wall Street Journal.)

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