Good News Magazine: May - June 2002

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  • by Jerold Aust
Some people accept the news they read in newspapers and watch on television as the gospel truth. Is such trust in our mass media justified? Do you really know who's telling you what to think-and why?
  • by Good News
Hate crime legislation and politically-motivated reporting can have a staggering effect on what news is reported to the public.
  • by Good News
The major media news organizations and outlets, says journalist William Proctor, have their own lists of rights and wrongs that they support or condemn through their editorials and reporting.
  • by Jerold Aust, Scott Ashley
Many people's outlook on current events, culture, society and the world is shaped by the news they read and hear. But how truthful is most reporting? Can you-and should you-believe everything you hear?
  • by Good News
The entertainment establishment-writers, producers and stars of the movies, TV programs and music we consume-are overwhelmingly liberal in their political outlook.
  • by Melvin Rhodes
Queen Elizabeth II's 50-year reign has seen an astonishing change in the United Kingdom-and far greater change in Britain's former African colonial possessions. What's behind these massive, momentous trends?
  • by Howard Davis
Several amazing biblical passages foretell the shaping of the world at the time of the end by a powerful web of global media.
  • by Howard Davis
Does your family properly use electronic mass media? Or do you let the media abuse you? Here are 10 principles to help you regain control and stamp out media abuse.
  • by Ralph Levy
As a reader of The Good News, you are probably disturbed by many of the values of the culture around you—and with good reason. How can we counter the degrading influence of much of popular culture?
  • by Noel Hornor
Millions of professing Christians believe they are “saved.” But from what are they saved? How and when does salvation take place? Let’s cut through the confusion and understand the truth.
  • by Tom Kirkpatrick
Does the Bible help us see the proper relationship between God and wealth for those who sincerely desire to serve and please Him?
  • by John Ross Schroeder
What does the Bible tell us about corruption and its causes and consequences?
  • by John Ross Schroeder, Melvin Rhodes, Scott Ashley
More than half a year has passed since the cataclysmic events of Sept. 11—a day that lives in infamy. Yet, in spite of American and British efforts to corral terrorism, the world appears as dangerous as ever.
  • by John Ross Schroeder, Melvin Rhodes, Scott Ashley
The German ambassador to Washington has called for a European army "as a logical step toward integration after the successful launch of a new single currency [the euro]."
  • by John Ross Schroeder, Melvin Rhodes, Scott Ashley
Watching as little as one hour of television a day can lead teenagers and young adults to engage in violence such as fistfights and other assaults later in life, according to researchers who conducted a study that tracked more than 700 young people over 17 years.