Letters From Our Readers: March/April 2015

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Letters From Our Readers

March/April 2015

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“Middle East Chaos: What’s Happening and Why?”

I have only read the first three articles of the January-February edition of The Good News, and I have to take time out to write to you. I am just overwhelmed at the information and incredible knowledge the writers are sharing. Thank you for giving me a true education on what is happening in the world. I have been fascinated and at the same time surprised at how ignorant I have been about the subject of the Muslim state of affairs. But now I can hold my own in conversations relating to this subject.

With what just happened in Paris [where Muslim terrorists killed 17 on Jan. 5], you could not be more right and aware with your publications. I am so grateful for receiving The Good News, and it certainly is the best magazine of understanding. I will read the rest of the magazine, but I just had to share my thoughts of appreciation and gratitude for giving me the opportunity to be better educated, better learned, and truly blessed. Thank you to all the wonderful people who make this terrific treasure available to me.

Reader in Florida

I want to compliment you on the latest Good News. Your articles on the menace of radical Islam were especially timely. People need to wake up! Fundamentalist Islam intends to conquer the world. They failed the first time so they think the time is right to try it again. I have read the Quran four times. It has good and bad in it. I don’t believe that the majority of Muslims believe in what the radicals are doing. However, there are enough who do believe it to make radical Islam a worldwide menace.

Reader in Tustin, Michigan

“America’s War on God”

First let me thank you for the wonderful magazine The Good News. I have learned so very much by looking up in the Scriptures what is written in your magazine. The November-December issue with its theme of “America’s War on God”—I cannot express how it has hit on so many topics of today. I could not put this particular issue aside. I have read some things two or more times. I had the wrong idea on the rapture and yet had read my Bible before. This time a light bulb came on in my head and my thinking cap pulled on tight. Your magazine has helped me to understand things.

Reader in Homer City, Pennsylvania

Your piece on “Banning the Mention of God in Public Life” in the November-December issue is first-rate. How could what was achieved by the Founding Fathers be ignored? This is an issue to be seriously considered by every American to remind any president that America is a God-fearing nation and God must always be respected. America is the only country where on public buildings like the Lincoln Memorial and Supreme Court are engraved biblical texts. This is the peculiarity of the United States, a nation under God. So let God continue to bless America as an exemplary nation worldwide. It deserves to be so.

Reader in Amboise, France

Though I am not a member of your faith, for over 20 years I’ve read your magazine. The November-December issue had three article that I’ve read more than once and shared with others: “America’s War on God,” “Government and the Gay Agenda,” and “Silencing God’s Children.” It is good to see churches that aren’t afraid to take a stand for God’s Word. Keep up the good work.

Reader in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Beyond Today TV program

I would like to say that your TV program is the best show on TV and the best religious show hands down! It is a joy to at last hear the uncompromising truth told in such a wonderful way. I am so thrilled that this is available to everyone now and being presented so beautifully. I am letting everyone in my family know about the truths taught by your organization and the explanatory booklets to back everything up. Thank you so much.

From the Internet

I tune in almost every weekend to watch the powerful messages from Beyond Today daily commentaries. The commentaries have helped me with a lot of biblical awareness and understanding. I pray that the good Lord gives strength and encouragement to the hosts to continue with the good work.

Viewer in Silverwater, New South Wales, Australia

We wish to thank you for the godly service you provide for my family and me. We miss seeing your program and we have tried to contact your station, but have been told that it is no longer available in our area. However we are blessed to receive your Good News magazine. My sister, niece and I use that magazine as our sermon each Sabbath. Thank you so much! 

Reader in New York

We’re sorry that you had a difficult time finding our Beyond Today TV program. On Jan. 1 we moved from Sunday mornings to Friday mornings on the ION television network at 8:30 a.m. ET/PT and 7:30 CT/MT. You can view a complete list of ION stations airing our program on our website at www.ucg.org/beyond-today/channels. Please note that you can also watch our programming at any time on our website at www.BeyondToday.tv

Looking for congregations in Australia

I’ve been watching your TV program and I really like your teachings. I’m based in Adelaide. Do you have a church here?

Viewer in Campbelltown, South Australia

First of all I want to thank you so much for the beautiful Good News magazines, I am enjoying reading them. I love your program on TV, and I would like to request your booklet You Can Understand Bible Prophecy. Please accept the stamps for the postage and a small donation. Also could you please tell me where in Brisbane can I go to listen to Bible preaching?

Reader in Queensland, Australia

We watch your program every week and have a lot of your literature. What we’d like to know is where and when do you meet in Melbourne?

Viewer in Nunawading, Victoria, Australia

We have congregations that meet every Sabbath in all three of these cities. Readers and viewers who wish to know if a United Church of God congregation meets in their city or nearby can visit our website at www.ucg.org/churches. Congregations are listed by country, state and city along with contact information.

“I wish I could send more”

Enclosed is a donation. I wish I could send more. I believe all of your material to be the truth. Your magazine is wonderful, and I look forward to it being delivered! Also, the booklets are wonderful. While searching the Bible trying to prove the articles wrong, my search has only proven them to be correct! I thank God someone put me on the mailing list.

Reader in Fort Thomas, Kentucky

We enjoy your Good News magazine and publications very much. My parents enjoyed your materials for many, many years before their passing. Like my parents, after I read the material I pass it on to others and ask God’s blessings for them also. We would like to help with donations so others come to better understanding of God’s Holy Word.

From the Internet

May God’s and Christ’s blessings be over all of you there! Thank you very much for your nice, eye-opening and uplifting spiritual articles! May our Heavenly Father continue to bless your remarkable ministry in The Good News magazine you always send me. I enclose a modest contribution.

Reader in France

Please give me details on how I can send my offerings to you for being a blessing in increasing my knowledge through these magazines. They give me more understanding about the Word of God. God bless you with more wisdom to share with more people of the earth.

Reader in Parañaque City, Philippines

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