The American Military: A Testing Ground for Social Change

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The American Military

A Testing Ground for Social Change

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Reportedly, many women soldiers during the Desert Storm operation had to be flown back to the United States for reasons of pregnancy, medical issues or lapses in discipline (even including prostitution). But it should also be said that the presence of women has occasioned sexual assaults by male soldiers.

One company commander in operation Desert Storm reported of his unit: "Nearly every female except two did not come close to finishing their tour of duty: Some got pregnant, some got mental issues; some had family problems at home they couldn't cope with." During combat tours in which a substantial minority of the soldiers were women, some of these tours simply could not complete their prescribed missions.

Major General Patrick Brady, U.S. Army (retired), analyzed the negative impact of assigning women to combat units, tested on the ground during Desert Storm. He describes, from a commander's standpoint, what this will mean to morale and military readiness in the armed forces, stating: "[Today] we see a military with dismal leadership resulting in unprecedented rates of suicide, PTSD [Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder] and security breaches ...

"Unimaginable in our past, we have leaders who consider awarding medals for not shooting ... [Concerning women] here is what I found ... In administrative jobs, they were at least equal to men. But most could not carry their load physically—loading litters in choppers [helicopters], carrying wounded to safety, even lifting tool chests. As a result the men covered for them, often causing us to use two people when one should have done the job—all of which affected readiness ... My conclusion, which I passed to my division commander, at his request, was that I would not want females with me working the battlefield let alone in direct combat ...

"I have said, and many men agree with me, that Adam's rib was the greatest investment in human history. Why? Because God then gave man woman, a different creature, who complemented him. God did it on purpose, and we are privileged to live with the differences. Feminists et al. get over it. It is not discrimination to accommodate God's design; it is acknowledging His will—it is wisdom" ("Women in Foxholes,", Feb. 18, 2013).

Thankfully, this military man believes in creation, not atheistic evolution. You may wish to our free Bible study aid booklet Creation or Evolution: Does It Really Matter What You Believe? Those who truly believe in the creation account generally accept the authority of the Bible. And many modern social changes are simply unacceptable from the standpoint of the Scriptures.


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