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In March 2008, I was called to a job interview. I spent hours rehearsing the answers to questions I thought might be asked. In the interview room sat four managers with notepads, pens and my fate in their hands. Their questions generally matched the answers I had rehearsed, so I was able to relax and respond naturally and confidently.

Then one of them said "Occasionally we have to work on Saturdays to meet a customer's deadline. Are you willing to work extra hours if asked?"

Four months prior, I had lost my previous job because I wouldn't violate the Sabbath. I was in dire straits financially. In my mind, I heard the words, "Say yes now and worry about it later if you get the job." But then I remembered this passage: "For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him the Son of Man also will be ashamed when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels" (Mark 8:38).

Was I ashamed of my faith? No. So I told them that working Friday evenings or Saturdays would violate the Sabbath. Then I showed them the little Holy Day calendar card provided by the Church and said, "Except for the weekly Sabbaths and the Holy Days marked on this calendar, I'll be here whenever you need me." When one of the managers asked if she could keep it, I was happy to leave the calendar with her.

I got the job.

—Patte Rehak
Beloit, Wisconsin, congregation


In my early 20s I worked as a waitress and was up for the hostess job. Taking this job would have required this very same thing [working on the Sabbath]. I explained it, and they asked me how serious I was about it. I told them that I really wanted the job but that I would not be there on the Sabbath. They said that they would have to give the job to someone who would be there, even though I was perfect in every other way.

So I remained a waitress. But I have to say that after that my tips went up. I continually finished out each night with the highest tips for the night.

God blessed me anyway. I was making more with the extra tips than I would have made with the promotion.

—Sherrie Giddens
St. Louis, Missouri, congregation


I have never experienced trouble being hired because of my beliefs nor have I lost a job because of them. Even so, after explaining my beliefs and being hired, there have been times when the Sabbath issue was tested. I have always been blessed for keeping it. Here is how I would respond to the question.

"I am more than happy to change most of my Sunday schedules for work, even Easter Sunday.

"I can also work on many other holidays when most qualified persons, like myself, would prefer not to work, such as during Christmas and New Year's.

"I believe I have become the kind of employee you are looking for, in large measure due to my personal faith, and my personal faith is to observe Friday evenings and Saturdays. Doing so has helped make me who I am.

"I am more than willing to work any time required other than on the Holy Days found in Leviticus 23 of the Bible. Please accept this calendar list of the dates I observe."

—Sheri Benjegerdes
Las Vegas, Nevada, congregation


I respond, "I am sorry sir, but I have very strong religious convictions and cannot work after sunset on Friday until sunset on Saturday. It is the Sabbath day and is not negotiable for me. It is not something I will compromise on, and I am very sorry if that will cost me this job; but I hope you will understand and look at all my other qualifications."

I did once have a job that knew up front about the Sabbath, but later said it was required of me to work weekends. When I said I could not, the manager threatened my position. I told him I would have to quit. He said fine, and I did.

—Lorelei Nettles
Phoenix, Arizona, East, congregation