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  • Mark Skapura
    I enjoyed your series. What an awesome speaker! God has blessed you with the gift to reach out and relate in a very real way. Thank you we don't live in the 1960's anymore and we need to reach out in a way that many people young and old, can understand and relate too. My wife and I would LOVE to hear more sermons from you.
  • Mark Skapura
    Well worth the time to listen to this message, and best use of time applying it. Thank you Dan!
  • Mark Skapura
    Thank you for all the WORK you put into the Spiritual Mastery Series! I really appreciate it. Inspiring, life changing, and a thrust to our spiritual journey walk when applied.
  • Mark Skapura
    Very good and sobering message. Remember "No one can wake up after its too late".
  • Mark Skapura
    Steve, I really enjoyed your sermon in preparation for Pentecost...... Thank you!
  • Mark Skapura
    Kotie, you are correct in stating the God's Holy Spirit( His Power) works through us. We are the tool. However we need to ALLOW God's Power to work in us and become that instrument that God is forming and fashioning. We have a choice to use God's Spirit or not use it. God gives us freedom. One of the questions we should ask is why do some people grow in faith and knowledge and bear fruit while others may not. The spirit could be dormant , unused and even removed from a person. David prayed in Psalm 51:11"Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me." At that point in time David was not a useful tool in God's hands and David knew it. Thankfully upon repentance God can restore "us tools" again just as He did King David.