In the News: The Internet Grows Up

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The Internet Grows Up

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Many people are using applications rather than Web pages to receive information, especially on their phones. Applications provide information like movies via Netflix, news via RSS feed and music via iTunes. These applications can bring preselected types of information to the user, rather than require the user to employ a search engine to track down the information and then spend time sifting through it. Companies like Apple also use applications to get past the "information wants to be free" aspect of the Web.

The Internet has also begun to lose its egalitarian atmosphere. In the early years it was seen as a platform from which millions of people could see and be seen, where the "little guy" could make it big. Well, the little guys have made it big, and Internet monopolies that will eclipse even Google, such as Facebook, are the wave of the future (Chris Anderson and Michael Wolff, "The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet,", Aug. 17, 2010).