In Brief... Crime Stalks Britain

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In Brief... Crime Stalks Britain

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Britain was once known as the most civilized country in the world. But The Economist recently reported that "Britain may have slipped down many world tables over the past few decades, but [except for Australia] it beats all other rich countries in one activity: crime."

The article continued: "According to a new victimisation [British spelling] survey of industrialized nations, people in England and Wales are at greater risk than anywhere else of having their car stolen. And apart from Australia, people who live in England and Wales are at greater risk of being assaulted, robbed, sexually attacked and having their homes burgled than are people in any [other] rich country."

Crime costs the citizens of Britain an estimated £60 billion ($86 billion) annually. Of even more concern is that fewer than one in four crimes is solved. Drug gangs-not wanting to pay high prices to professionals-are recruiting teenagers as hitmen.

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