Something for Nothing?

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Something for Nothing?

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Some people believe that they can enjoy full success in life while enjoying the luxuries of life. They think they can have glory without sacrifice. Realists know that is not so. Every part of our growth toward wisdom and achievement requires effort and sacrifice. Time, effort, concentration and focus make up the path that leads to the top. Paul knew this principle when he explained that Christians are to offer their bodies as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1). He saw that sacrifice as a spiritual act of worship in pursuit of the most important goal of all: eternal life.

Anything we may want to achieve in life is worth sacrificing for. If it does not seem so, then it is not a worthy goal. We do have to enjoy life as we move toward things we seek and want, but we must not allow that enjoyment to interfere with the course we are on. The new car, holiday trips or luxuries we want may be nice and alluring, but they can be the paving stones of the path that leads to destruction. Learn the value of sacrifice and the rewards it brings. That is how anyone gets to the top. You can’t have something for nothing.