What's Behind the Rising European Superstate?

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What's Behind the Rising European Superstate?

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This latest in a series of integration treaties over the past half-century is the farthest-reaching in that it is not just economic, but also brings political union to EU member nations. As the sovereignty of individual EU states continues to erode, the power of a developing superstate will become increasingly more evident. Even Europeans themselves are largely unaware of the changes fostered by past integration treaties and what the current constitution, hammered out by faceless bureaucratic elites, will actually mean. Indeed, even the elites engaged in the process don’t really understand. The Bible tells us where all of this is leading—to a revival of the Roman Empire referred to in Scripture as “the Beast” and “Babylon” (compare Daniel 2; 7; Revelation 13; 17–18). This final empire will ultimately act as the agent of national destruction against the modern descendants of Israel—meaning not just the Jews but the rest of Israel, the majority of Israel, now often referred to as the “lost 10 tribes.” These tribes were taken captive in ancient times by the Assyrian Empire and later migrated to northwest Europe. Surprisingly, people of northwest European heritage are largely Israelites—Britain and the United States being the foremost among them (see our free booklet The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy for a more in-depth explanation). It perhaps seems odd, then, that Britain should be part of the European Union. Yet it is—and British leaders have been gradually conceding sovereignty to this foreign entity for 30 years now. The British themselves are divided over whether or to what degree they want to be part of this system, so it remains to be seen how deeply they will go and how long they might stay. Consider what happened to ancient Israel. It did not go immediately from an independent nation to being destroyed by Assyria. Rather, in the mid-740s B.C. Israel began to pay tribute to Assyria. Israel’s king became a vassal of Assyria and Israel was thereby incorporated into the Assyrian Empire. This arrangement continued intermittently for a decade until Israel’s king persisted in troubling the Jewish kingdom of Judah, a more closely aligned Assyrian vassal at that time. As punishment, Israel was invaded in 733 B.C. and the bulk of its population was deported to Assyria. The Israelite king was killed and a new king appointed. But another decade later he was caught conspiring with Egypt against Assyria, prompting the Assyrians to invade and deport the remainder of the population. Note that Israel was incorporated into the Assyrian Empire well in advance of its ultimate destruction. It was only when it tried to leave the “union” that it was crushed. The same thing happened with the later destruction of the Jewish kingdom of Judah at the hands of the Babylonian Empire. Judah was first incorporated into Babylon as a vassal state. Only when it later rebelled was it completely overthrown and its populace deported. And still again, the same thing happened with the Jewish state of Judea. When it was incorporated into the Roman Empire, it initially appeared to have a great deal of autonomy. But as time went on the fact of Roman rule became more and more evident. It was not until decades later, when the Jews attempted to revolt against the Romans, that their state was destroyed and the people were deported as slaves. Viewed in that light, how interesting it was to see an editorial in the London Daily Telegraph, dated March 3, titled, “While we liberate Iraq, Europe is busy planning to enslave us.” The piece described how the new European constitution encroaches ever more on British sovereignty and threatens to prevent Britain from later opting out. As currently laid out, secession will be a complex process taking at least two years—though there are still calls to make secession impossible without EU majority approval. Could the United States come under the EU umbrella? We should consider that modern “Babylon,” as described in Revelation 18, will be a global trading bloc. In fact, there has been talk of integrating NAFTA (the U.S.-led North American Free Trade Association) into outer spheres of economic integration with the European Union. Of course, it is hard to imagine America becoming a willing part of the European Union in any subordinate sense, particularly given the vast power of the United States and the current trans-Atlantic animosity. However, we should consider that much of this animosity is due to the European dislike for the current administration. Europeans loved the former U.S. president, and if someone with his views were to reoccupy the White House, things could change. Indeed, liberal politicians are notorious for being willing to surrender national sovereignty to international concerns. Surprisingly, there has been serious talk recently of the modern state of Israel being incorporated into the EU, just as Judea was part of the original Roman Empire. The parallels are chilling. In the end, Bible prophecy indicates that Britain, the United States and the modern state of Israel will all be destroyed by the rising European superpower. But before that, they—or at least their leaders—may well be all too willing to become inextricably entangled with this long-foretold enemy. We need to keep our eyes on Europe. Its integration aims and achievements may be far beyond what we have imagined.

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