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Compass Check: Spring 2016

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  • by Steve Nutzman
We have another excellent issue—our pre-camp issue—for your reading pleasure.
  • by David Dobson
The Pepsi-Cola Company led the soda industry in the use of disposable bottles decades ago. The earlier bottles were made from thicker glass. In addition to the price of the drink, consumers paid a returnable “deposit” of a few cents on each bottle. When the empty bottle was returned, the retail store returned the deposit to the consumer. Each bottle was used numerous times.
  • by Ethan Wolfe
I distinctly remember the color gray. The sky, the overall mood­ of hesitation had been draped over the trees like a massive blanket of morosity. Not a soul wanted to leave the campground, and more than a few tears were already being shed between friends and family. My first year of the Zone had come to a close, and it was time to depart and head for home.
  • by Ralph Redline
I am writing this article in the same manner that a grandfather might write a letter to his grandchildren. It is with the most heartfelt desire that I urge you to reconsider what some of you may be contemplating—the promotion and engagement of military service.
  • by Jennifer Gosse, Cal Bone
This remarkable young woman in the Bible was an orphan, became a queen, saved her people from mass murder, and had a book in the Bible named after her!