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This is our third issue of Compass Check, written with you, a teen in God’s Church, in mind. We hope you enjoy each article and benefit from them all. There is a nice variety of articles this issue.

Please pray for Roy Holladay, who suffered a stroke in October. Mr. Holladay faithfully served for many years as a pastor and administrator at the home office (including as a past president for the United Church of God), and he is the “founder” of Compass Check—it was his idea to begin this magazine in early 2015. He is my friend, and I deeply miss his wise and friendly counsel.

Readers, let me hear from you! I want to know what topics and issues you want us to address. Contact me at compasscheck@ucg.org.

We thank Mitch Moss for his skilled work on the layout of Compass Check (notice the new masthead!). We also deeply appreciate our dedicated writing and editing staff for making this magazine possible. A lot of work goes into each issue.

Enjoy your winter, even the snow! Speaking of snow, we wish all of you going to Winter Camp in Wisconsin a very enjoyable week. I plan on being there myself so I’ll see some of you there. After that, it won’t be long until spring, then the summer camps in June and July. Hurray!

Happy reading and let us keep our spiritual compass pointed toward God and His plan for us and all of humanity. There is nothing more important in our lives.