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Jelly Loves the Sabbath

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Jelly Loves the Sabbath

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Jelly Loves the Sabbath


Jelly helps Mrs. Libby prepare a special Sabbath dinner.


[Mr. Mike] Hey, Jon! Hey, Jelly! Welcome! You’re the first to arrive.

[Mr. Jonathan] Great, thanks for having us.

[Mr. Mike] Oh, you’re welcome.

[Miss Libby] Hi, how are you doing? You all just keep on talking. I’m going to go check the oven.

[Jelly] Can I help?

[Miss Libby] Well, sure! Come on in.

[Mr. Mike] Hey, I want to show you something.

[Mr. Jonathan] Oh, cool. Let me see.

[Miss Libby] Here, Jelly, you can stir the potatoes.

[Jelly] I’m going to stir these jokers up right! These are going to be some extra-special Sabbath potatoes. AAAAAHHH!

What makes the Sabbath special for you, Miss Libby?

[Miss Libby] I like it all. I like the time to rest, the time to spend with God, with family, and my loved ones.

[Jelly] Those are some really nice – I hear some music. You going to sing me a song?

[Miss Libby] Would you like to hear one, Jelly?

[Jelly] Yes, yes, yes!

Hear the words of our Father in heaven
Count one-two-three-four-five-six-seven,
And that is the

Sabbath day, Sabbath day
God made the Sabbath day
Our lives are blest
By His day of rest
Life goes by quickly
It’s easy to lose the way
And that’s why we say
Remember the Sabbath day
We remember in six days our God made the earth
On the seventh He rested from all He had done
And we think of the day when Lord Jesus returns
And the whole world at last will have rest when He comes

Oh, oh, oh…

Sabbath day, Sabbath day
Wonderful Sabbath day
Our lives are blest
With this day of rest
Life goes by quickly
It’s easy to lose the way
And that’s why we say
Remember the Sabbath day

That’s why we say
The Sabbath Day


[Mr. Mike] The Sabbath is a wonderful blessing, isn’t it?

[Jelly] It sure is. I’m glad God gave it to us. I don’t think tonight could get any better.

[Miss Libby] Could you get that for us, Jelly?



[Jelly] Happy Sabbath, my cousin!