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United News: January 2011

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  • by Manfred Fraund
What God has prepared for us, if we respond wholeheartedly, overcome and endure until the end, is absolutely marvelous and truly out of this world (1 Corinthians 2:9).
  • by Robert H Berendt
In a cemetery in Vancouver, British Columbia, one of the largest grave sites of fallen soldiers from the First World War is maintained.
  • by Angie Wilson
I was helping a young rider tighten her horse's girth at a 4-H horse camp when a small voice behind me asked, "Will you walk alongside my horse? He's jumpy today."
  • by Jason Hyde
On a summer afternoon, I stood awestruck by the mighty hand of God. In the path of a raging firestorm, I witnessed a glimpse of His mercy, goodness and deliverance.
  • by Elizabeth Cannon
Our first reaction when faced with a glaring sin in our lives is often to ignore it and wish it would go away on its own. What happens though when we refuse to face it directly, deal with it and then move on?
  • by Jeremy Lallier
"So, hey." A coworker sits next to you in the break room and unfolds a printout of a Web page. He points to a line of text, shakes his head and says, "I don't get this."
  • by Peter Eddington
Here's something to boggle your mind! The Associated Press reported on Dec. 1 that scientists believe they have miscalculated the number of stars in the universe by a factor of three