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Updates on the Church of God

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Updates on The Church of God

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Updates on the Church of God

MP3 Audio (27.67 MB)

Mr. Kubik provides an update on the many exciting developments, activities and priorities that the Church of God is focused on today to move forward effectively as God provides direction on His will each step of the way for us both as a spiritual church and as individuals.


  • jamdud22
    Loved hearing about all the new things going on in the church. Very exciting!
  • tallgary
    There is much good news here. Glad to hear this. i do hope and pray, that the various church of God groups will someday be willing to put aside differences and work together more. I have been hoping the churches of God would use RADIO SHORT ADS. Radio is till the best media, i believe! As a 64 yr old bachelor, who never had a chance for marriage, and has dealt with very painful family of origin issues with parents and still dealing with siblings, I would hope the church will be a bit more attuned to older damaged singles, who are lonely, unprovided for with a mate, or dating life, and scattered. i know ministers need to be married folks, and old singles issues are far removed form them. When the church has historically talked of singles, it has always though only of young people. In my 37 years with the COG, i have known many older men who never had a chance for marriage, and a few older women, too. Our issues just are not addressed much ever. Some of us have died alone, and no one knew, even. We are singles, too. Anyway, good news about the people overseas! Sadly, in the western nations, the masses have an aversion to all Christianity. TKC!
  • Nadiczka
    I enjoyed learning about different aspects of preaching the gospel that UCG is currently doing and planning on doing. In regards to Mr Kubik's comment on communities, I would be interested in knowing why UCG doesn't advertise in church columns of community newspapers. I'm not sure why we have to be so hidden, or why people have to seek us out. The reason I say this is because we constantly hear stories of people who have been looking for a church to attend for a long time, not knowing that we were around. The last two people I have known who "came into the church" did not know all the doctrines. One new of the Sabbath, and the other nothing. Letting people know that there is a Sabbath keeping church in the community could be helpful in some instances. I understand that we possibly cannot publish the location of where we are meeting if it is a public place, but then again many events are held in locations that are not owned by the people hosting the event.
  • ram19
    Thank you for the detailed updates that you provided in this sermon. It's good and inspiring to find out what God is accomplishing. In past times (back in WCG days), the church announcement period almost always included a few minutes covering the exciting developments in God's church worldwide.
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