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  • by Nancy Morgan
Is God like a cruel sheriff waiting for us to break His law so He can punish us; or is He more like a caring shepherd who gives us the freedom to choose even to our own hurt?
  • by Dan Dowd
If you were to choose an indicator for predicting who would be more successful in life, what would you choose?
  • by United Church of God
Some feel being a leader takes a heavy hand, but sometimes it really requires a soft touch.
  • by Amanda Stiver
What decisions are you making about your long-term fitness? Will you be fit and trim or, altering an expression slightly, "fit to be tired"? How much you sleep can make a difference!
  • by United Church of God
One thing that only we ourselves can control—if we choose to—is our thoughts. This note gives us all something to think about.
  • by United Church of God
Two words we heard often at home were “behave yourself.” Now that we are grown, we realize how valuable they were.
  • by United Church of God
The German playwright Carl Zuckmayer wrote: "One half of life is luck; the other half is discipline—and that's the important half, for without discipline you wouldn't know what to do with your luck."
  • by Robert H Berendt
As a boy I loved to launch little wood chip boats, but I learned I didn't want to be like them, at the mercy of the whims of the stream.
  • by John Cafourek, Larry Scher, Vicki Scher
The Focused Education Program will be presenting four quarterly articles on the subject of abuse. They are intended to inform, educate, and provide understanding of abuse issues. Our first article is on understanding abuse.
  • by Peter Nathan
Paul, writing to the church in Philippi, presents a model for human relationships that is beautiful and practical.
  • by Peter Nathan
To most humans, rulership is an opportunity for control over others. The Bible gives a different perspective.