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TV turns toxic

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By comparison, what we generally see on television appears dark and vulgar. Our viewing fare includes young ladies in mortal combat with vampires and monsters—not to mention Temptation Island, Sex and the City, The Jerry Springer Show and a whole range of imitators.

Even more sobering are modern TV-viewing statistics compared with those of 40 years ago. In 1961 the average daily viewer watched television for five hours per day. Now viewing has grown to more than eight hours. Added to that are the multiplication of multitelevision homes, the runaway growth of households with cable or satellite connections and the more than doubling of commercial TV stations over this 40year period.

Let’s face it. Most people in the Western world spend far too much time watching television. Good TV has its uses, but many profitable leisure pursuits are easily more wholesome— reading, walking, hiking, bicycle riding and a multiplicity of available sports and games, just to name a few. (Source: USA Today.)

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