False Persona

Submitted November 16, 2011

Source: photos.com

In my receptionist position, I get a variety of telephone calls every day. Some are very encouraging, some are very inspiring and some are, shall we say, interesting!

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, called me last week to order the booklet The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy. She wanted it sent to her husband, Prince William, at their residence in Kensington Palace. I knew it wasn’t Catherine—her southern accent and local number quickly gave her away.

A similar message was waiting for me one Monday morning. “King David” wanted to discuss political issues and read me his poetry. He clarified that he was indeed the King David—the one who wrote the Psalms. After a good laugh, I wondered how many people really try to hide behind a false persona.

Hiding behind a front so others don’t recognize us is so easy to do. For example, how often do we hide our beliefs as Christians so that others don’t judge or make fun of us? It’s much easier just to pretend that God is okay with Halloween or that He doesn’t mind if we use His name in vain during our conversations with friends. Hiding our beliefs from those around us goes against what we are told to do in the Bible. Jesus said, “Whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven” (Matthew:10:33).

Denying Christ seems like a very intentional thing to do, right? But any time we hide our beliefs or avoid standing up for what’s right, even if it’s something very small, that’s an opportunity to acknowledge God’s way of life and be an example to our friends! Allowing others to see that we are not ashamed can be a very rewarding process.

I don’t think Catherine or David truly believed they were who they said. But I do believe that we as Christians can find ourselves in situations where it’s easier to be something we’re not, rather than take time to explain the truth. Is God’s way of life something to be ashamed of? I’d like to take the challenge of standing up for my beliefs. Don’t hide behind a false persona.

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amberduran's picture

Wow! What a great blog post. At first, I really thought the Duchess of Cambridge had called the home office requesting literature, but of course I read on ;)And the lesson is a very valid and important message to get across. Thanks!

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