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United News: July - August 2013

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  • by Tom Nichol
Circumstances cause some not to be able to attend the Feast of Tabernacles. Here are some tips if you are one of those people this year.
  • by R. J'Non Whitlark
The subject of money and finances can be uncomfortable to discuss. What is our responsibility to each other in the Church in this regard and what did Jesus mean when He said, "The poor shall be with you always"?
  • by Peter Eddington
Having attended several weddings already this year, I was reminded of what marriage between a man and a woman pictures—it’s a vision of Christ and the Church.
  • by Roc Corbett
It’s interesting that some of our most focused and poignant thoughts and prayers come at those times of greatest stress in our lives. A friend who recently went through a painful health trial focused on the promises of the future.
  • by Mark Mickelson
The Eighth Day, which is one of the most meaningful yet least understood Holy Days by mankind, points to the ultimate culmination of God’s plan: the resurrection and judgment of the vast majority of all the human beings who have ever lived.