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Sermon Disc Program

The Sermon Disc Program is a service provided by the home office intended for shut-ins as well as for congregations needing video sermons when a live speaker is not available.

SDP 154 - Feast of Tabernacles

Title Speaker Date
Heavenly Jerusalem: Our Future Divine Residence Jerold Aust 10-21-2019
Why Will the Kingdom of God be Successful? Greg Thomas 10-20-2019
Let Us Go Up to the Mountain of the Lord! Victor Kubik 10-19-2019
Wisdom From Above Gerald Seelig 10-16-2019
When the Winds Blow Mark Regoord 10-16-2019
But Wait... There's More! Len Martin 10-14-2019
A Shared Joy Scott Delamater     10-12-2019
The Names Change, but the Game Stays the Same Rick Beam  10-12-2019

SDP 153 - Trumpets/Atonement

Title Speaker Date
Satan's Sinful Strategy                                       Steve Myers           10-19-2019
An Awful Day                                                              Steve Myers 09-21-2017

SDP 152

Title Speaker Date
The Lord is My Shepherd Troy Phelps 04-17-2021
Love the World/Do Not Love the World                       Victor Kubik 03-27-2021
Passover Parallel Steve Myers 03-26-2021
Clay in the Potter's Hands Chris Rowland 04-10-2021
We Are the Light of the World                           Frank Dunkle 02-20-2021
A Passover to Remember Darris McNeely 03-13-2021
A Church of Rocks Peter Eddington 04-24-2021
The Hidden Enemy Nick Lamoureux    03-28-2021

SDP 151

Title Speaker Date
Do You Deserve an Oscar? Gary Antion 04-17-2017
Why Me, Master? Mark Welch 01-23-2021
Farewell Dan Preston 05-27-2017
The Road to Emmaus Frank Dunkle 04-08-2017
While the Church Sleeps                                  Darris McNeely 02-27-2021
The Proverbs 31 Man Peter Eddington 02-13-2021
Loyalty: From the Heart John LaBissoniere 01-16-2021
Extraordinary Matrimony Steve Myers 01-30-2021

SDP 150

Title Speaker Date
What Will You Say Frank Dunkle 12-05-2020
Clean House Steve Myers 02-01-2020
Unity in Diversity Steve Myers 11-21-2020
Iron That Sharpens Iron Victor Kubik 05-05-2018
Don't Touch! Steve Myers 01-09-2021
The God of All Grace Nicholas Lamoureux 11-14-2020
Rahab: It's Not Where You Came From, but Where You End Up Peter Eddington 12-19-2020
Right King, Wrong Kingdom Scott Delamater 09-19-2020

SDP 149

Title Speaker Date
Pentecost is Peculiar                                       Steve Myers            05-31-2020
Why Do We Eat Unleavened Bread? Darris McNeely 04-06-2019
Putting Others' Sins Out Frank Dunkle 03-31-2018

SDP 148

Title Speaker Date
Casual Christianity Scott Delamater      11-07-2020
Nine Proofs Jesus is the Messiah Peter Eddington 10-31-2020
On to Maturity Rudy Rangel 10-17-2020
Unchristian Christian Steve Myers 02-22-2020
Good Government Requires Good Men          Frank Dunkle 01-04-2020
Start Plowing! Steve Myers 11-23-2019
An Effective Examination Ryan Hall 03-09-2019
Perfunctory Praise Steve Myers 01-07-2017

SDP 147

Title Speaker Date
Dare Greatly Frank Dunkle 08-22-2020
The Beast and Its Mark Steve Myers 08-01-2020
Who Are We and What Are We to Do? Darris McNeely 05-31-2020
Look on the Bright Side Peter Eddington 07-25-2020
It'll Take a Miracle! Richard Kennebeck 09-05-2020
The Key of the Kingdom of God Victor Kubik 07-18-2020
Spirit of Error Steve Myers 07-11-2020
Revealing the Heart of God – and Your Heart Mark Welch 02-08-2020

SDP 146

Title Speaker Date
Our Choice: The Kingdom of God or the Kingdoms of This World Darris McNeely 07-04-2020
Bloom Where You Are Planted Frank Dunkle 05-30-2020
Our Undercover Boss Chris Rowland 06-20-2020
Pledge Allegiance Steve Myers 06-13-2020
The Life of Joseph: Be the Change You Want to See Peter Eddington 06-06-2020
S.M.A.R.T. Goals at Home Joshua Creech 11-04-2017
On Courage Victor Kubik 05-02-2020
Apostle Paul: Commandment Keeper and Teacher? Mark Welch 06-27-2020

SDP 145 – Feast of Tabernacles

Title Speaker Date
Walking in the Spirit Jeff Richards 10-16-2019
Honoring God Len Martin 10-18-2019
Student Teachers Mike Iiams 10-18-2019
Thy Kingdom Come: Laying Our Lives Down for the Brethren Ryan Hall 10-20-2019
God's Family Reunion Mike Iiams 09-26-2018
Beyond Today, Hope for the Homeless Gary Beam 10-18-2018
To God Be the Glory Doug Wendt 10-14-2019
Epilogue Ben Light 10-21-2019

SDP 144 – Trumpets/Atonement

Title Speaker Date
Fixing Moral Injury Peter Eddington 09-10-2018
Atonement Jubilee Steve Myers 09-19-2018

SDP 143

Title Speaker Date
Choose to Change and Live Victor Kubik 04-15-2020
Strengthened in the Lord Steve Myers 03-14-2020
The Bride of Christ Ron Barker 09-30-2019
Those With Hope Darris McNeely 09-30-2019
Passover: Stop the Spread of Sin and Death Mark Welch 03-28-2020
Mothers of Faith and Promise Richard Kennebeck 05-09-2020
Distractions in the Masses Joshua Creech 07-21-2018
Passover and the Coronavirus Crisis Victor Kubik 03-21-2020

SDP 142

Title Speaker Date
Journey Before Destination Rudy Rangel 12-14-2019
Who Can Stand in God's Presence? Chris Rowland 02-15-2020
Stay Right When You're Wronged Steve Myers 01-28-2017
Faith Ron Barker 09-21-2017
The Sabbath: A Weekly Festival Andy Duran 11-02-2019
God Blessed America Gary Antion 07-01-2017
Packing Your Spiritual Suitcase Joshua Creech 09-23-2017
Called to Move Forward Ryan Hall 05-25-2019

SDP 141

Title Speaker Date
And in the Hidden Part John McClain 08-20-2012
Let Us Go up to the Mountain of the Lord Victor Kubik 08-31-2019
Christ Our Passover Steve Myers 03-04-2017
Dissecting an Important Prophecy Peter Eddington 01-18-2020
Remez: Keys to Understanding Several Puzzles Scott Ashley 02-25-2017
Consider Paul's Example as You Consider Your Example Mark Welch 10-05-2019
We Have to Choose Joshua Creech 06-30-2018
Even the Death of the Cross Darris McNeely 03-17-2018

SDP 140 – Spring Holy Days

Title Speaker Date
Secret Sins Gary Antion 04-20-2019
Peace Be With You Peter Eddington 04-06-2018
Power to Overcome Mark Welch 06-09-2019

SDP 139

Title Speaker Date
How Do You Spend Your Time? Rudy Rangel 11-09-2019
Grace Is the Catalyst Steve Myers 06-01-2019
Have a Foot-Washing Attitude Gary Petty 02-23-2019
The Key to Our Inner World Darris McNeely 12-07-2019
Children Are a Blessing Bill Cowan 10-17-2015
The Mediator Skeets Mez 08-11-2018
Like Little Children Gary Antion 03-10-2018

SDP 138

Title Speaker Date
The Christian Responsibility to Work Hard Gary Petty 08-10-2019
United Church of God—The Next 25 Years:
Challenges and Opportunities
Darris McNeely 08-17-2019
How to Reset Your Brain Steve Myers 03-25-2017
Hedged in by God Mike Phelps 08-31-2019
The Profile of Jesus Gary Antion 03-30-2019
Generations Knit Together Andy Duran 09-07-2019
Where I Go, You Are There Ryan Hall 07-10-2019
Resolutions You Need to Make Gary Antion 01-11-2014

SDP 137

Title Speaker Date
Life's Not Fair, and That's OK Richard Kennebeck 10-10-2017
What is the Everlasting Gospel? Steve Myers 9-16-2017
Four Women Who Feared God Peter Eddington 10-10-2017
The Way of the Called, Chosen, and Faithful Randy Urwiller 10-19-2016
Exploring and Expressing the Mind of Christ Robin Webber 05-11-2019
Israel in Prophecy Frank Dunkle 10-20-2016
The Convenience Store Church Dan Preston 10-11-2017
Standing on the Promises in the Face of Trials Donald Ward 10-20-2016

SDP 136 – Feast of Tabernacles

Title Speaker Date
A Change in Human Nature Jim Kocher 10-10-2017
Understanding Suffering in Order to Rejoice Victor Kubik 9-16-2017
Picking a Family Model Mike Iiams 10-10-2017
Hope: A Gift of God Mike Miller 10-19-2016
Our Need for Spiritual Connection With God Gary Petty 05-11-2019
The Sojourner Leif Anderson 10-20-2016
Spiritual Perseverance and Endurance Kent Foraker 10-11-2017
Rulers in Christ's Dominion Ken Thomson 10-20-2016

SDP 135 – Trumpets/Atonement

Title Speaker Date
Coronation of the King Steve Myers 9-10-2018

SDP 134

Title Speaker Date
The Call to the Next Generation Darris McNeely 05-18-2019
Knowledge and Grace Gary Antion 08-04-2018
Paul's Message to Timothy Ben Light 02-23-2019
Put Up With That? Steve Myers 02-02-2019
The Truth About the Gospels Steven Britt 06-15-2019
The 10th Commandment: Coveting Kills Tim Pebworth 05-11-2019
From Green Pastures to the Shadow of Death: The Power of Faithfulness Ryan Hall 11-16-2018
The Importance of Having a Good Name Doug Wendt 06-08-2019

SDP 133

Title Speaker Date
Action Plan for Growth Steve Myers 04-15-2017
The Miracle of God's Calling Richard Kennebeck 02-27-2016
We Are Family Scott McKeon 12-24-2016
Promises Made, Promises Kept Frank Dunkle 02-23-2019
Keys to Thanksgiving Andy Duran 11-09-2018
Prayer Joshua Creech 03-09-2019

SDP 132

Title Speaker Date
Iron That Sharpens Iron Victor Kubik 12-22-2018
Don't Pass the Buck Steve Myers 01-12-2019
Friendship With God Darris McNeely 01-26-2019
The Pearl of Great Price Barry Korthuis 01-19-2019
Hearing the True Shepherd Andy Duran 01-05-2019
The Epistle of Jude and God's Wisdom Peter Eddington 02-16-2019
Whose Image Do We Bear? Ryan Hall 01-19-2019
What About Jonathan? Mark Welch 02-09-2019

SDP 131 – Spring Holy Days

Title Speaker Date
God's Glory and You Steve Myers 04-01-2013
Unlimited and Unleashed Dan Preston 04-29-2016
The Mystery of the Firstfruits Darris McNeely 05-20-2018

SDP 130

Title Speaker Date
Don't Let Go Aaron Dean 09-01-2018
Two Witnesses Establish the Facts Steve Myers 12-01-2018
Count It All Joy Frank Dunkle 12-08-2018
Who Are Our Elders and What Do They Do? Victor Kubik 12-15-2018
What Does God Think of Me? Steve Myers 10-13-2018
The Devil Made Me Do It Nathan Ekama 12-01-2018
The Story of the Faithful Randy Stiver 12-08-2018

SDP 129

Title Speaker Date
Go to Your Brother David Jones 09-01-2018
Determination Steve Myers 07-28-2018
Our Role in Preparing the Way of the Lord Steven Britt 09-08-2018
How to Change a Heart David Holladay 10-06-2018
Seeking Peace Andy Duran 10-20-2018
Christmas: Does It Really Matter? Richard Kennebeck 12-09-2017
Moses Didn't Make It - Will We? Gary Antion 10-06-2018

SDP 128

Title Speaker Date
The Observer: How Science Confirms the Bible Steven Britt 07-14-2018
Courage Undaunted Frank Dunkle 08-11-2018
The Story of Prophecy Steve Myers 07-07-2018
World Events and End Time Prophecies John Elliott 11-18-2017
The Dark Force That Drives Evil in This World Ken Martin 06-17-2017

SDP 127


Title Speaker Date
Millennial Education Chuck Zimmerman 10-17-2016
Crooked Paths to Peace Made Straight W. Fred Crow 10-05-2017
Bringing People to Salvation During the Millennium, Part 1 Rex Sexton 10-08-2017
Bringing People to Salvation During the Millennium, Part 2 Rex Sexton 10-09-2017
And Not One Shall Make Them Afraid Leif Anderson 10-10-2017
They Will Not Learn War Anymore Jeff Richards 10-12-2017
We Have Heard; Will We Heed? Donald Ward 10-24-2016
The Great White Throne Judgment Jerold Aust 10-24-2016

SDP 126

Title Speaker Date
Trumpets Prepares Us for Tabernacles Roy Holladay 09-05-2013
Resolution to Sin and Death Gary Smith 10-04-2014

SDP 125

Title Speaker Date
God Is in the Growth Steven Britt 05-19-2018
Overcoming Dysfunction Steve Myers 06-02-2018
Who Packs Your Parachute? Richard Kennebeck 06-16-2018
King David's Model Prayer Peter Eddington 05-26-2018
Are We Adopted or Are We Sons of God? Jim Tuck 06-02-2018
Biblical Couples You May Know Gary Antion 06-09-2018
Are You a Sacrifice? Steve Myers 10-21-2017

SDP 124

Title Speaker Date
Proverbs 30: The Wonder of God's Calling Tim Martens 02-24-2018
Speaking the Light of Truth Randy Urwiller 01-06-2018
The Fragrance of Christ Rick Shabi 02-17-2018
The Fallacy of the Immortal Soul Aaron Dean 01-20-2018
Bread from Heaven and the Word of God Scott Delamater 04-07-2018
Prayer: Our Spiritual Lifeblood Victor Kubik 02-24-2018
The Power of God Ralph Helge 04-07-2018
Why So Difficult? Steve Myers 04-21-2018

SDP 123

Title Speaker Date
Servant or Hireling? Josh Creech 03-03-2018
The Church of God Paul Moody


Where Do You Abide? Mike Phelps 07-29-2017
Goodness Frank Dunkle 02-24-2018
More Than Just A Nice Idea: Love Steve Myers


SDP 122

Title Speaker Date
Unwrapping God's Precious Gift Gary Antion 06-12-2016
The Significance of the Sheaf Steve Myers 04-17-2017

SDP 121

Title Speaker Date
The Two Great Commandments Victor Kubik 12-21-2013
Love My Enemies? Paul Moody 07-08-2017
Where Satan's Throne Is Darris McNeely 09-30-2017
Leprosy and Mold: Understanding God's Judgement Steven Britt 12-02-2017
In the World, but Not of the World: Living a Godly Life in the Modern World Andy Lee 12-23-2017
Listen Up and Live Steve Myers 12-16-2017
How to Live in Babylon Peter Eddington 12-30-2017

SDP 120

Title Speaker Date
The Value of Law Aaron Dean 08-05-2017
Do You See Your Calling? Darris McNeely 06-04-2017
Holy or Profane? Scott Delamater 10-28-2017
Are We D.U.M.B.? Dan Preston 02-21-2017
Going With the Flow Steve Myers 07-15-2017
A Proper Paradigm Frank Dunkle 07-08-2017
Encouragement From Ephesians Mike Phelps 08-12-2017

SDP 119

Title Speaker Date
Have You Been Saved? Chris Rowland 07-22-2017
Where Do You Stand with God and Jesus Christ? Ken Martin 04-08-2017
Is the Protestant Reformation Finished? Peter Eddington 09-16-2017
The Importance of Doctrine Steve Myers 08-26-2017
Seemingly Insignificant Choices Troy Phelps 09-09-2017
Get Your Zeal On Rudy Rangel 09-09-2017
How Do You Respond to Life's Hurricanes? Darris McNeely 09-02-2017

SDP 118

Title Speaker Date
Knowing the End from the Beginning Brian Shaw 10-24-2016
Let Us Go to the Mountain of the Lord Rick Shabi 10-16-2016
Healing of Deaf and Blind in the Kingdom of God Mark Welch 10-20-2016
Fighting for Family Rick Beam 10-19-2016
The Temple Dan Dowd 10-17-2016
Thy Kingdom Come Donald Ward 10-17-2016
Why Do we Rejoice at the Feast of Tabernacles? Jerold Aust 10-16-2016

SDP 117

Title Speaker Date
The Fast God Has Chosen Steve Myers 06-27-2016
The Feast of Trumpets Prepares Us for the Feast of Tabernacles Roy Holladay 09-05-2013

SDP 116

Title Speaker Date
Jesus Christ as a Kid Randy Stiver 06-13-2013
The Grace of God Gary Antion 06-27-2016
Jesus: God of the Old Testament? Steve Myers 06-24-2017
Godless Parenting Dan Preston 05-13-2017
How to Make the World Great Again Peter Eddington 06-17-2017
Where Everybody Knows Your Name Darris McNeely 06-24-2017

SDP 115

Title Speaker Date
All in for God Michael Phelps 03-18-2017
Watch: Why Should We? Roy Holladay 08-03-2017
The Battle of Ai Richard Kennebeck 04-29-2017
Christian Graduate School Frank Dunkle 05-20-2017
Becoming Wholly Holy John McClain 06-06-2015
Run with the Horses Darris McNeely 05-21-2017
Avoid Spiritual Disaster Steve Myers 09-17-2017

SDP 114

Title Speaker Date
Be A Living Epistle Victor Kubik 03-11-2017
Will I Make It? Steve Myers 07-30-2016
This is Our Time David Metzel 04-11-2015
An Astronaut, A Skywalker, and Eternity Darris McNeely 01-21-2017
Remembering Him Gary Antion 04-12-2014

SDP 113

Title Speaker Date
Remembering Him Gary Antion 04-12-2014
The Road to Redemption Darris McNeely 03-29-2014
What Is Music to You? Dan Preston 08-13-2016
Choose to Grow Steve Myers 11-19-2016
You, Me, and the Sins of Jeroboam, Son of Nebat Peter Eddington 12-31-2016
Help Wanted: A Fellowship of Believers Dan Preston 01-14-2017

SDP 112

Title Speaker Date
Overcoming Strongholds Frank McCrady 04-29-2016
Unclean: Do Not Touch the Unclean Thing Roy Holladay 03-26-2013
Before Pentecost: What Were They Thinking? Darris McNeely 06-12-2016

SDP 111

Title Speaker Date
What Do You Mean, A Whole Church Effort? Victor Kubik 11-09-2013
Maintaining the Vision Roy Holladay 9-28-2013
For the Joy that is Set Before Us Robin Webber 02-23-2013
Beware the Spirit of Antichrist Darris McNeely 10-01-2016
The Thanksgiving Sacrifice Richard Kennebeck 11-29-2016
A Time to Kill Steve Myers 12-10-2016
Will We Be There? Roy Demont 11-12-2016
The High Price of Not Knowing Dan Preston 12-03-2016

SDP 110

Title Speaker Date
Civil War Lessons Frank Dunkle 08-27-2016
For You Have a Little Strength Peter Eddington 07-23-2016
What Hour Are You In? Dan Preston 09-10-2016
Proactive Thanksgiving Victor Kubik 11-21-2015
Giver or Taker: How Can I Know? Steve Myers 08-20-2016

SDP 109

Title Speaker Date
God's Great Laws of Marriage Roy Holladay 07-13-2013
The Privilege of Our Calling Frank Dunkle 07-09-2016
Forgiveness and Mercy for Thousands Peter Eddington 04-30-2016
What's Happening to America? Steve Myers 07-16-2016
Why Does No One Believe Our Report? Darris McNeely 07-23-2016

SDP 108

Title Speaker Date

SDP 107

Title Speaker Date
The Venom of the Snake, and the Anti-venom Roy Holladay 09-23-2015

SDP 106

Title Speaker Date
I Spy With My Little Eye Steve Myers 07-25-2015
What Are You Looking Forward To? Dan Preston 05-28-2016
How Great God Is Randy Stiver 2-22-2014
New Testament Based on the Old Testament Roy Holladay 08-24-2013
God Sees Steve Myers 03-19-2016
A Good Understanding Paul Moody 05-14-2016

SDP 105

Title Speaker Date
God's Awesome Glory  Bill Cowan 05-17-2014
Would You Have Believed? Aaron Dean 04-02-2016
Joseph, the Count, and Forgiveness Richard Kennebeck 07-05-2014
What Did You Learn? Frank Dunkle 02-20-2016
Thoughts: Control and Rule Over Roy Holladay 02-06-2016
Appreciating Your Mate Now Victor Kubik 03-18-2014

SDP 104

Title Speaker Date
The Miracle of God's Calling Richard Kennebeck 02-27-2016
Learning about People and Learning About God Frank Dunkle 02-20-2016
Crossing Over Dan Preston 02-06-2016
A Person of Integrity Troy Phelps 07-19-2014
History and Prophecy of Terrorism: Knowledge Builds Faith Jerold Aust 12-19-2015
Spiritual Stop Lines Steve Myers 03-05-2016
Are You Tempted? Peter Eddington 02-27-2016
Getting a Spiritual Grip Robin Webber 12-05-2015

SDP 103

Title Speaker Date
Salvation Through the Power of God Richard Kennebeck 02-27-2016
What's in Your Mouth? Gary Antion 03-30-2013
Return on His Investment Steve Myers 04-15-2014

SDP 102

Title Speaker Date
The Accursed Thing Peter Eddington 12-19-2015
Baptism: A New Man Richard Kennebeck 01-17-2015
Lessons from Daniel Roy Holladay 09-20-2014
Ready to Give an Answer Chris Rowland 01-02-2016
The Key of David Steve Myers 11-02-2013

SDP 101

Title Speaker Date
Why We Are Placed in the Church Roy Holladay 09-05-2015
The Letter and the Spirit of the Law David Metzel 04-19-2014
Is God and Christ the Desire of Your Heart? Ken Martin 08-08-2015
Men Ought Always to Pray Frank Dunkle 11-07-2015
To the Potter's House Darris McNeely 08-03-2015
Guilt: Can I Forgive Myself? Steve Myers 03-22-2014

SDP 100

Title Speaker Date
Born to Rule Jim Lichtenstein 01-31-2015
Why Husbands Need Their Wives Gary Antion 08-22-2015
What Did You Say? Steve Myers 08-15-2015
A Message From Habakkuk: Lord, Revive Your Work Darris McNeely 09-05-2015
People of the Book Frank Dunkle 08-29-2015
The Apostle Paul's Real First Journey Peter Eddington 07-11-2015
Labor in the Word With Timothy Victor Kubik 05-02-2015

SDP 99

Title Speaker Date
God’s Sabbath: A Temple in Time Darris McNeely 07-11-2015

The Secret to Walking on Water

Peter Eddington 06-06-2015
Observations From My 50th High School Reunion Victor Kubik 07-18-2015
Shifting Cultural Values Roy Holladay 07-04-2015
Detours to the Promised Land Richard Kennebeck 05-30-2015
God’s Festivals: A Reminder of the Purpose of Life Darris McNeely 09-27-2014

SDP 98

Title Speaker Date
Victory Over Death Lee Cole 10-16-2014
No Man Left Behind Peter Eddington 10-16-2014
Our Journey and the Kingdom of God Steve Shafer 10-15-2014
Highway to Holiness Chris Rowland 10-14-2014
If I Had the Power Rick Beam 10-13-2014
The Gospel According to Isaiah David Mills 10-14-2014
Living the Dream Peter Eddington 10-09-2014
Elijah Leadership Don Ward 09-24-2013

SDP 97

Title Speaker Date
Atonement and Mercy Steve Myers 10-04-2014
Triumphal Entry, Triumphant Return Paul Moody 09-25-2014

SDP 96

Title Speaker Date
Four Reasons to Have Hope in the Resurrection Peter Eddington 04-11-2015
In One Accord Gary Antion 05-30-2015
Achan's Sin And the Lesson Not to be Forgotten Ken Martin 05-15-2015
We Are Not Crying Wolf Darris McNeely 02-14-2015
Why Me? Bill Cowan 02-07-2015
Bolster Your Spiritual Immune System Steve Myers 01-10-2015
What's Following You? Chris Rowland 04-18-2015