World News and Trends: The European Union's dangerous liaisons

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The European Union's dangerous liaisons

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This is in spite of Damascus’ long-standing contempt for basic human rights and its refusal to allow international watchdog organizations to enter the country. Even more serious is the fact that the Syrian government allows Hezbollah (a notorious terrorist organization) to indulge in such activities as illegal weapons sales, money laundering and drug dealing.

The European Union’s position is manifestly inconsistent with its stated ideals “founded upon the principles of liberty, democracy and fundamental freedom, and the rule of law.” Also this widens policy divides with the United States and brings the European Union (EU) into conflict with American goals and purposes in the Mideast.

China is another case in point. One correspondent, reporting from Beijing, writes: “While the EU prepares to lift the China arms embargo, Washington is urging caution, saying that Beijing has drawn up a blueprint for attacking Taiwan and could be America’s main military adversary within ten years.” China’s primary source of new weapons has been Russia, but apparently the European Union is anxious to get in on the act.

The disturbing factor in EU trade with both Syria and China is that it exacerbates several already troubling foreign policy differences between the United States and the European Union. To see where events are headed, request our free booklet The Middle East in Bible Prophecy. (Sources: Wall Street Journal Europe, The Independent [London].)

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