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Darris McNeely gives an update on his recent trip to the United Kingdom and Africa for Ministerial and Leadership training.

Scott Ashley and Victor Kubik dig deeper into the topic of archaeology and how advancements in technology and technique are making it harder to deny the validity of the Bible.

Scott Ashley joins Victor Kubik in this “tel”-all on modern archaeology and how it supports Biblical history.

Steve Myers returns to discuss with Victor Kubik the regional ministerial conferences and life in the ministry.

Steve Myers joins Victor Kubik in the studio to discuss the Ministerial Education Program and reflect on their own experience as pastors.

Continuing their examination of DNA, Steven Britt and Victor Kubik put the theory of evolution under the microscope.

Grab your lab coats and your beakers. Victor Kubik and Steven Britt explore God’s creation on the molecular level and examine the case made for God by DNA.

Steven Britt and Victor Kubik continue their discussion on the spirit in man, contrasting it with the Spirit of God.

Victor Kubik welcomes Steven Britt back to the studio for part one of their discussion on the spirit in man, covering topics ranging from human consciousness and the breath of life to the differences between human and animal minds.

Steve Nutzman joins Victor Kubik to discuss the The Zone, the mission, and the impact of United Youth Camps on the staff and campers.

Victor Kubik visits Ezekiel Polinati at his home in Visakhapatnam, India, as they discuss Christianity in India and translating UCG literature.

Steven Britt and Victor Kubik continue their discussion of science and the Bible through the topic of astronomy and the origin of the Earth and life as described in Genesis.

Rohan De Silva joins Victor Kubik to discuss his career as a mainstream radio host in Colombo, Sri Lanka, as well as the religious climate in his country.

Steven Britt and Victor Kubik continue their discussion of “Sound Science and the Bible: Do They Conflict?” and how creation, science, and human experience all point to God’s incredible handiwork.

In discussing his Beyond Today article, “Sound Science and the Bible: Do They Conflict?”, Steven Britt and Victor Kubik talk about the detrimental assumptions made by prominent scientists that lead the world away from understanding the truth.

After living in Israel for two years, Steven Britt shares his experiences with the people and culture that informed his Beyond Today article, “Israel at 70: The Amazing Story.”

Andrew Bergmann, a graduate of the 2017-2018 ABC class, sits down with Victor Kubik and discusses his ABC experience from his decision to enroll to his graduation and plans moving forward.

Stephanie Bissessar joins Victor Kubik and discusses her home congregation in Trinidad, as well as her United Youth Camp (UYC) experiences expanding from the Caribbean to the United States.

Hannah Shoemaker and Paula Lichtensztejn share with Victor Kubik their experiences at Ambassador Bible College and the impact of this time on their perspective and service.

Victor Kubik talks to Lewis and Lena VanAusdle about their year in Malawi and transitioning to New York City.

Michelle Macedo sits down with Victor Kubik to discuss her year at ABC, her plans when she returns to Brazil, and more.

Two recent Ambassador Bible College graduates, Kayla Weaner and David Rains, join Victor Kubik to discuss their roles in the student body, as well as the education they received both in and outside of the classroom.

Rex Sexton discusses his experience as director of Northwest Camp, the genesis of UYC, what campers can expect this summer, and more with Victor Kubik.

Victor and Beverly Kubik sit down with Mukumbuta Talama, a member of the Lusaka congregation and recipient of a LifeNets scholarship, to discuss the long path through her rigorous medical program and what she plans to do with her degree.

Vivien Botha, an elder in the Cape Town congregation, and his wife Cathy talk with Victor Kubik about how they stay hopeful in the face of pain and adversity, and how their struggles have helped them rebuild the church in Cape Town.

Victor Kubik visits Filius Jere a year later to discuss the growth of the church in Zambia and the origin of his popular and innovative Beyond Today radio show.

While visiting Malawi for the dedication of a new church building, Victor Kubik speaks with the pastor of Blantyre Gracious Mpilangwe, one of the deacons Osborne Liyawo, and Daniel Ringo who is the accountant for the local church and for Lifenets. They discuss their early experiences in learning about the Church and share their hope for the work in Malawi.

While visiting Lilongwe, Malawi, Victor Kubik speaks to Ministerial Trainee Brennan Hilgen and his wife Michala who have been living and working in Malawi for more than a year. They recount their experiences with the church in one of the poorest countries on the earth.

Victor Kubik talks with Filius Jere, a member in the African nation of Zambia. They discuss airing Beyond Today on Zambian radio and how that has led to the growth of the churches in that region.

Paul Kieffer joins Victor Kubik in the studio to discuss recording German Beyond Today programs, as well as the social and political climate in Germany.

Victor Kubik discusses UCG’s various print and web publications with Linda Merrick.

Victor Kubik sits down with Peter Eddington to discuss the new recording studio being planned for the Home Office.

Victor Kubik interviews Lewis and Lena VanAusdle about their upcoming move to Africa, and the work they will be doing there.

Mario Seiglie joins Victor Kubik over Skype to discuss his experience fleeing Cuba as a child, as well as the recent death of Fidel Castro and how Cuba will be affected.

Darris McNeely talks with Victor Kubik about the upcoming Feast sermon to be webcast to the entire Church.