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Nonsmokers in jeopardy

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Earlier this year researchers from South America presented their studies on 2,000 nonsmokers (regularly exposed to smokers) to the European Society of Cardiology in Birmingham, England. Their conclusions reinforce concerns about the dangers of passive smoking.

Writes Glenda Cooper: "Living with a heavy smoker more than doubles your risk of heart attacks . . . The more your relatives smoke, the greater the dangers you face. And for people who already have known risk factors such as diabetes, high blood pressure or a family history of coronary heart disease-the hazards are even greater."

In years past not much was known about the scientific dangers of smoking. However, the increasingly harmful effects become more obvious with every passing year. Of course, long-time smokers can experience great difficulty in kicking the habit.

However, society has a moral obligation to take the lead in protecting people from the dangerous effects of smoking. The evidence is clear that smoking is a killer, not just for smokers themselves, but for their loved ones. (Source: The Independent.)