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Coronavirus Updates


March 26, 2020

Update from the President

In this update from the president, Victor Kubik provides encouragement, news and helpful tips to stay connected and make the most of this time as many brethren are now homebound due to the coronavirus threat.


March 25, 2020

Inside United Podcast #156: Carmelo Anastasi — Coronavirus in Italy

Victor Kubik checks in with Carmelo Anastasi, the regional pastor of Italy, to discuss the government and public response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy.


March 24, 2020

U.S. Holy Day Offerings for 2020 Days of Unleavened Bread

Here we suggest three ways in which you can conveniently make your Holy Day offerings.


March 23, 2020

Simple Unleavened Bread Recipe

This recipe is quite easy. It can be used for Passover service or any time.
Watch the video or view the recipe.


March 19, 2020

Plans for Upcoming Sabbath and Holy Day Services

Below is information about Sabbath and Holy Day plans for observance in light of coronavirus threat prevention measures.


March 19, 2020

Update from the President

In this update from the president, Victor Kubik provides information about coronavirus protection measures being taken by Church leadership and reports on a recent podcast he recorded with a doctor in Canada regarding this pandemic. He ends his letter encouraging readers to be helpers as we enter the spring Holy Day season.


March 19, 2020

Personal from Ministerial and Member Services

In this personal message from Ministerial and Member Services, Operation Manager Mark Welch shares some encouraging words for brethren to think about as we navigate through this crisis together. He also shares plans for the next Sabbaths, Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread services.


March 19, 2020

Coronavirus Update from Italy

Click the link below for an update from UCG pastor Carmelo Anastasi, who reports on the impact of coronavirus on brethren in Italy.


March 19, 2020

MEDIA BRIEF: United Church of God Adopts National Webcasting

Weekly online Sabbath service to unite members in the United States and internationally at


March 18, 2020

Letter from Council Chairman Dr. Donald Ward

Council of Elders Chairman Donald Ward reflects on our journey as Christians as we approach the Passover and exhorts Christians to keep their focus: ”The Church of God still has a lot of work to do. It is a time to sigh and cry. But it is also a time to shake off the malaise that might be gripping you and sapping your spiritual energy and will. The trial that is upon us now can be a wakeup call for each one of us to get our spiritual house in order and fill our lamps with oil.”


March 17, 2020

Inside United Podcast #154: Dan Berendt - Coronavirus

Dr. Dan Berendt from Edmonton, Alberta joins Victor Kubik via Internet to discuss the current state of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and how we should respond to this crisis as a health menace, but also as an opportunity to help the vulnerable in our society.


March 16, 2020

Keeping Passover at Home

These instructions are to help you in observing God’s sacred ordinance of the Passover at your home:


March 16, 2020

Council of Elders Videoconference Report

This report on the March 16 meeting contains important information regarding meeting for the Passover, Unleavened Bread and the annual meeting of the General Conference of Elders—due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic.


March 13, 2020

Message from Ministerial and Member Services

Since in-person church services are canceled for the next two weeks, MMS Operations Manager Mark Welch suggests a few messages for members to listen to as they prepare for Passover and the spring Holy Day season. Links to these sermons can be found here.


March 12, 2020

Special Announcement for All Churches

In this update from the president, Victor Kubik shares a special announcement regarding UCG’s efforts to address the coronavirus. Online services will be webcast from Cincinnati at 2:30 p.m. EDT and can be accessed by everyone at


March 5, 2020

Update from the President

In his weekly update, Victor Kubik talks about the coronavirus and the impact of this disease outbreak on the economy and people. He also mentions a separate post (mentioned below) which highlights first-hand accounts of members in China and Hong Kong who are living amid the coronavirus.


March 5, 2020

The Coronavirus Crisis: First-hand Reports From China

With 80,000 cases of COVID-19 in China and hundreds more emerging across the globe, we should all be praying for everyone in the Church of God fellowship for protection and guidance.



Beyond Today Coronavirus Content

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