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A scrumptious sweet bread with a slight crunch from slivered almonds.

This tasty family favorite and can be eaten any time of day.

Indulge in this melt in your mouth delicious Unleavened Bread safe pastry.

My mom, Dolores Rhodes, made these every year when I was growing up - we loved them. I make them for my family now and they are a favorite - very portable, delicious and hearty.

A scrumptious pastry laced with the sweet-tartness of apples.

A delicious bread made from grated & mashed potatoes

A lightly sweetened, delicious, and healthy bread stick.

Gluten-Free Buckwheat Corn Crepes are earthy, slightly nutty tasting and a nutritious alternative to crepes made with refined flours. Serve warm with berry jam or enjoy with your favorite delicious crepe fillings.

Tasty, buttery crescent rolls that divide the work into two days.

Tasty crackers that are full of zest and flavor. They are a fantastic snack between meals.

Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses make this bread zesty and flavorful. 

An airy and creamy version of this light and delicious favorite.