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United News: February 2007

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  • by Jim Franks
Our world teaches tolerance of sin and lowering of standards. Yet Christ tells us to become perfect! He gave this as a lifelong goal and not something that is achieved immediately at baptism. But if we are to become perfect, we must be constantly "raising the bar."
by David Register
by Cory Erickson, Doug Horchak, Charles Melear
by Norma Nelson
by John Elliott
by United News
by Phillip Sandilands, Marlys Sandilands
by Joel Meeker
by United News
  • by Don Hooser
How can we encourage someone suffering with a major illness and/or chronic health problem? This article focuses on questions like "Why did this happen?" and why friends should not assume they have all the answers. The second part of this series will focus on the kinds of advice to give and not to give.
by Peter Eddington